Friday, November 16, 2012

Month of Gratitude, Episode 4

Day 16: I am grateful for my mother.
I ran across a few good quotes about mothers that reminded me how thankful I am for my mother as well as my mother-in-law.  I hope and pray that I can be as good of a mother as they both have been to me and Dave.

"Adversity is a part of my life and your life and your children's lives. But we are not left alone to contend with, pass through, or overcome these trials. We are not alone...we have help. Powerful help. Consistent help. Constant help. One of the primary answers to adversity is that God blesses us with mothers to teach, love, and nurture us through the difficult experiences of our lives on earth. God enlists mothers to help His children learn about Him and to rely on Him in mortality. In this, they are ministering angels to us....

"Mothers help us understand why we must pass through such painful and traumatic experiences. They remind us in whom we can trust. They tell us in whom we can place our confidence. They ask us to draw upon previous experiences. Mothers ready us for adversity. Mothers also ready us for the answers to adversity. They often direct our attention heavenward. They ask us to have faith. They join us in mighty prayer to overcome the enemies and opponents that try to defeat us and cause us to doubt that God is watching us....

"Mothers remember single battles and lifelong battles. They give us their undivided attention when we need it most. Mothers notice our scars, both visible and invisible.

"Mothers prepare us to answer adversity's call and face the trials of life. They prepare our souls to receive answers and to open our hearts to gain a broader perspective when we lose our way and forget who we are. Mothers are there to cheer us on and to pray for our safe return"  (excerpts from I Sit All Amazed, by Steve Mikita).

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