Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Story of a Fridge

Once upon a time there was a refrigerator on sale at RCWilley.com, advertised at price $XXX.xx. As we all know, our friend Chelsea really needed a refrigerator for her new house and she thought this was a great price; however, she just couldn't find time to go make the purchase at the store. After several weeks, a free afternoon finally came her way and she started off to buy that large kitchen appliance.

Much to her dismay, a new price tag hung on the floor model at RCWilley Home Furnishings on 3rd West: $XXX.xx + $40 it read. Just then, Arty, the rotund commission-hungry salesman offered his assistance. "Can I help you?" he gruffly inquired at the relatively young, seemingly inexperienced consumer before him.

"Yes," replied Chelsea. "I saw this refrigerator advertised at a much lower price just last week. What can you do for me?"

"Let me look in the computer," he mumbled as he sauntered to the nearest workstation. The salesman punched letters and numbers into the computer; the screen flashed the secret codes and language of RCWilley that only the wily eyes of its associates understand. Finally, Arty turned to Chelsea, "I can give it to you for $XXX.xx + $10. That's as good as we ever sell this model to a regular consumer, like yourself, or even our big buyers who would purchase multiple units to furnish an apartment building, for example."

"But that is not the price I saw on the Internet," Chelsea countered, rather enjoying this exchange with the employee.

"I'm sorry, that is as good as we can do."

"Listen, Arty," Chelsea stamped down her foot, straightened her spine, and threw back her shoulders, "I am ready to buy this refrigerator right now but only at the price of $XXX.xx."

The shocked RCWilley salesman threw up his hands in defeat. "You win. It's yours for $XXX.xx."

And that is how it came to pass that Chelsea obtained a new refrigerator for her new house; and they will live happily ever after in refrigerated bliss.

This story inspired by actual events.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Plight of Poppy

This is Poppy.

Poppy grows a 3-foot stem to find sunlight beyond
the shadow of the looming house.

Poppy is happy.

Friday, September 26, 2008

26 Days and Counting

Woodside Homes called to say that my house is almost finished! (I had actually kind of already figured that out during my weekly trips to see its progress.) I am scheduled to do a final walk-through on October 16th and then I close on October 21st. It's coming up fast and will be here before I know it.

Looks like it's time to start packing up my things, shop for a refrigerator and window blinds (and lots more besides but these are the 2 essential things I have left to buy), write up some rules and regulations for the roommates, and pull together a down payment. Lots to do!

Stay posted for your personal invitation to attend a house warming party, but be patient because it may still be a month or more away.

A Work in Progress

June 23

July 13

August 17

August 24

September 7

September 21

Monday, September 22, 2008

Breaking and Entering

Confession: We broke into my house last night. You see, they have put construction locks on all the outside doors so we can no longer just walk in and I really wanted to see what they accomplished during the week. So, we had Colette stick her skinny arm through the deadbolt hole and unlock the door. That's not too illegal, is it?

Kitchen and dining room floor

Toilets and light fixtures went in this week

A mountain of cabintry ready to be installed

The backyard -- a good size with lots of possibilities

They're getting ready to pour the driveway and landscape

Do you like Vera's new ride? It keeps this darling but busy girl well contained and for now she still enjoys it.

Thank You!!!

A resounding THANK YOU!!! to all those who came and participated in Ryan's Eagle Scout project. It was a HUGE success! The night of the event we collected 66 pairs of shoes, 256 pairs of socks, and $214 in cash donations. We, along with the Bountiful Family Connection Center, are so grateful for so many generous family members and friends.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Barefoot in the Park

Ryan C. Hinckley, Boy Scout extraordinaire, is completing his Eagle Scout project this Saturday. All are invited to attend!

What: Barefoot Concert in the Park

When: Saturday, September 20 at 7:00 p.m.

Where: Hogan Park, 800 West 1500 South in Woods Cross

Admission Price: Donations of NEW children's shoes or socks

Why: Concert and donations to benefit the Family Connection Center

(Whose purpose is to protect children, strengthen and shelter families and individuals, foster self-sufficiency, and facilitate a caring community.)

Bring your lawn chairs and blankets, the whole family and all your friends to this very worthy cause.

See you there!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Unit 132

This was an eventful week at Foxboro North Berkley Unit 132. The walls, ceilings, and doors were all painted, the linoleum was laid in the bathrooms and entryways, and the stucco and stone work are done.

If all continues to go well I should be in my house in just over a month! I think I'm nearly ready. I still need a refrigerator and window blinds and a dining table would be nice but I'll have to save a couple of months for that.

I'm sure you've all heard the financial news of the day: "The upheaval in the American financial system sent shock waves through the stock market Monday, producing the worst day on Wall Street in seven years as investors digested the failure of one of its most venerable banks [Lehman Brothers]."

The stock market fell over 500 points and mortgage rates went right down with it. I took advantage of the crisis today and locked in a modestly low interest rate. That helped my stress level come down a notch. Wall Street's loss becomes my gain!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Out of the Ordinary

So, our family vacation at the Utah State Fair wasn’t exactly a full-family outing but those who went still had tons of fun!

We Milked the Cow...

Picked Apples...

Planted the Garden...

Harvested the Crops...

Combed the Lamb's Wool...

Hunted for Eggs...

and Kissed the Sheep...

Completely out of the ordinary!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hallway of Doors

What you can see: doors to the coat closet, under the stairs, and laundry room. What you can't see: doors to the master bedroom, main bathroom, and garage. That's a lot of doors, if you ask me.

This pantry closet makes me positively giddy. It is what ultimately sold me on this house. It's HUGE!

You'll note we have a banister on the stairs. See that little opening at the top of the stairs between the wall and the ceiling? I have a feeling the nieces and nephews are going to love climbing up on it. Probably not a good idea.

If you look up you'll notice that I have a garage door. It's pretty, don't you think?

They've started the exterior stucco work too. I hope there's no superstition to walking under scaffolding like walking under a ladder since that is the only way into my house right now.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


I don't know how Megan W. does it. Megan D. and I babysat all three kids tonight: Maggie (23 months), Coleman (2 months), and William (2 months). They were really good for us but even still, three babies is a handful and we are two people. Megan W. is a supermom to care for them each day by herself.
WoW -- What 'o Woman!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Sweet & Salty - YUM!

I have a new favorite treat:
Hot Buttered Popcorn with
Dark Chocolate M&Ms

I've never had it with the dark chocolate before and unknowingly added them tonight. It was great!

Two-Ingredient Recipe:

1 bag of microwave butter popcorn

1/2 package dark chocolate M&Ms

Cook the popcorn according to the directions on the package. When it is fully popped, immediately remove it from the microwave (be careful - it will be hot!), open and pour in half the package of M&Ms (or the whole if you like lots of chocolate). Hold the opening closed and shake the bag of popcorn for several seconds to mix in the M&Ms. Divide the popcorn and M&Ms into equal portions and put your favorite chick flick on the DVD player. Enjoy!

(For an extra special treat use Dark Chocolate Peanut M&Ms!)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bears & Fairs

For years now Mom has been wanting to start a new summer tradition in our family: taking the entire family on a short trip somewhere, anywhere. Unfortunately, we all have such busy and varying schedules that it has yet to happen.

I suggested that we at least do a day trip up at Bear Lake this Saturday now that things have finally calmed down some. However, the weather channel forecasts the temperature between 44º and 73º which is way too cold to be enjoying anything water related. So, it looks like we'll be settling for the Utah State Fair -- which, by the way, the kids will love with all the live animals and fried treats on a stick. (Did you know that this year they have a fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a stick? Gross!)

Megan and I went to Bear Lake a couple of weeks ago with some friends. It was cold then too but not so bad as this weekend will be.