Saturday, October 19, 2013

What NOT To Do When Nearly 8 Months Pregnant with Twins

Dave and I have been house hunting for almost a whole year now.  We've seen a lot of beautiful houses and a lot of trashed houses, on big lots and small lots, but nothing felt right.

In September we finally found a house that was pretty great.  It was a rambler with 4 bedrooms, the main floor front room and family room that I wanted, a good sized kitchen, huge storage room, etc.  The price was right and the location was perfect!  So we made an offer -- full price with seller paying closing costs.  This house had been on the market for two months already and they recently dropped the price which had brought us looking.  The family countered our offer and basically refused to pay closing costs.  Dave and I prayed and pondered over what to do next and in the end we decided to walk away.  It was kind of sad making that decision but we really needed the closing costs, and besides it would be too hard for me to pack up our house at this stage in my pregnancy.

Last Saturday we took a leisurely drive around the city and found a new development in another perfect location with houses that will suit our family for years to come.  Monday we talked to the builder and put down the earnest money.  It will take six months for our home to be ready which I thought was great.  Plenty of time to get the twins here and our house packed and sold.  But no.  Dave worked with the builder to ready the contract and put in the contingency to sell our home.  And it has to be sold in 60 days!

So, I'm 33 weeks pregnant, really could go into labor at any time, Dave's been working late hours this week, and I have to get our house listed by mid next week -- and don't forget my crazy 17 month old who wants to help but isn't always so helpful.  The timing couldn't be worse.  But, more than any other home we've looked at, we feel like this is the right home for us.  I know it will all work out.  I just hope it doesn't send me to the hospital because I don't have the time right now.


If you or anyone you know are looking for a 3 bedroom/2.5 bath town house please send them my way.  Thanks!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Random Thoughts about Family History

A few weeks ago I was watching an afternoon talk show and the topic was about couples who had made the decision to be childless.  How sad, I thought.  Sure, having kids is the hardest thing I have ever done and there are many days when I feel completely overwhelmed and discouraged -- and I only have one right now.  The thought of having three under the age of 18 months is absolutely terrifying.  But, my children are truly a joy to me and I find comfort in knowing that we are keeping the commandment to multiply and replenish the earth.  I am so grateful that despite our infertility mysteries we have been able to achieve pregnancy and have these beautiful children through the miracles of modern medicine.

There was one couple on the talk show who married in their early to mid-thirties.  They are both only children in their family and will not be having offspring of their own.  They, in particular, have haunted me over the days.  Basically, their family lines will end with them -- they are headed toward extinction.  Seriously tragic.

I had a thought this weekend during general conference that Family History was the answer.  I love the show, "Who do you think you are?" where celebrities research their family story and learn where they come from.  At the end of their journey every one of them is anxious to return to their parents, siblings, and children to tell them what they learned.  It got me thinking that the purpose of family history is not only to link our past but to link our future. (I realize that is totally obvious when you are doing the work to prepare for temple ordinances but maybe not so obvious when you are just looking into it as a casual hobby.)  There is a special spirit about genealogy that helps us understand where we come from and gives us the desire to pass along those stories to our own posterity.  Truly, it is the antidote to thoughts about childlessness and will help us understand the importance and significance of having a family.

Besides, who can resist a little kid as cute as this?

Friday, October 4, 2013

For Hire

He does such a good job on our lawn Dave and I have decided to hire him out. All earnings will go directly to his mission fund. Let us know if you're interested in employing the best mower in town. :)

He will also water your flowers, vacuum, take your kids for a walk, get the mail, mop, sweep, or do laundry.  He's a great helper!